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We invest in technological developments to stay ahead of the industry in the production of steel and its transformation into wire and wire products.

  • Steel load for hot recycling

    tecnologia carga caliente acero reciclar deacero
    Steel load for hot recycling

    It is a system that combines the steel load to recycle through a tunnel, with the re-use of the energy (heat) generated by the fusion process to reheat the steel, rising the temperature of the raw material more than 800 degrees before entering the furnace and improving loading times in order to increase energy efficiency, reduce cost production and increase the casting process capacity.

    tecnologia efsop deacero

    System that allows the Optimal Dynamic Control of Chemical Energy combined with Electrical Energy during the fusion process.

    tecnologia soldadora electrica palanquilla
    Billet Electric Welding

    It is a piece of equipment to weld the billets in a mobile way before entering the rolling process and turning it into an endless bar. This technology allows us to offer a final product with a uniform molecular structure and with lengths that respond to customer’s needs without limiting us to the length of the billet. At the same time, it generates more productivity during the rolling process and reduces maintenance cost.

    tecnologia slitter deacero

    It allows the rolling mill to produce low gauge rods according to the needs of the customers, by splitting the billet in several rods during the last part of the Rolling process. This technology considerably improves accuracy and safety in the rolling mill and generates efficiency in production times and costs.

    tecnologia embobinadora electromagnetica alta valocidad deacero
    High Speed Electromagnetic Coil

    It is used at the end of the wire rod production to wind it at high speed. It uses a magnetic field that reduces vibration, increases the speed in the process and improves its reliability.

  • Technological progress in wire plants

    tecnología linea galvanizado alta velocidad deacero
    High Speed Galvanizing Lines

    Annealing: It replaces the use of gas with electrical energy to heat the wire before galvanizing, which provides higher speed in annealing, more processing capacity and les space consumption.

    Draining: It uses a gas-injection draining process, which optimized the use of zinc and increases the drying speed, allowing it to control the required zinc layer according to the needs of the customer.

    tecnologia linea productos alambre deacero
    Wire Product Lines

    High speed hexagonal mesh: Innovation that pre-bends and twists the wires continuously, to increase the speed and efficiency of the process.

    High speed barbed wire lines: iIt increases speed and efficiency of production process.

    Packaging and winding:It automates the packaging process of the final product to allow it to increase speed and safety of the process.

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